Nomad™ 18v Portable Cordless Washer 
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Tough, stylish & exceptionally well made, the Nomad is perfect for washing horses on the go. The detachable tank holds 14 litres of water and the washer is completely portable. It's powered by a removable, rechargeable, 18 volt L-ion battery and has a 20ft hose. The powerful operation of the pump & fully adjustable spray pattern are ideal for bathing horses before competitions, cooling off after exercise or cleaning muddy legs off after hunting.

Nomad Equine Shower


Setting the spray to a wider pattern is perfect for quickly cooling & washing off event, endurance, jumping and dressage horses. One tank holds enough water to wash off two event horses after the cross country.

Shower With Warm Water Too

If there isn't a hot-wash box on the yard, the Nomad is completely versatile.
Fill the tank with warm water from the tap to bath horses prior to competing.
It's more comfortable for the horse & 
warm water is far better at getting horses clean!

Cooling Competition Horses

When horses are competing in very warm conditions or are hot as a result of strenuous exercise (eg a rectal temperature of +40 degrees C / 104
degrees F) they often need to be cooled quickly and effectively.

To achieve this the Nomad's tank can be part filled with ice to provide a flow of cooled water over the horses body, especially the large muscles masses of the horses quarters. Short periods of cooling with iced water should be alternated with short periods walking to promote circulation. 

 In his work prior to the Atlanta Olympics, Dr David Marlin of the Animal Health Trust found that horses cooled quickly in this way are less likely to suffer heat stress, recover more quickly and don't become as dehydrated . He found no evidence that this technique causes any muscle problems such as 'tying up'.

Cooling should stop if the horses temperature has dropped to 38 to 39 degrees, if he shivers, if his skin is cool to the touch after walking or if his respiratory rate has slowed to 30 breaths per limit or less. For further information on Dr Marlin's research
click here.

Full Technical Specifications
Category Dimension
Colours Orange/Grey/Black or Green/Grey/Black
Adjustable spray Yes
Wash pressure 6.2 Bar (90 PSI)
Flow Rate 2 litres a minute (0.5 gpm)
Battery Type 18 volt rechargeable L-ion
Battery Life 1500 mAh
Charging time from supplied mains charger 1 hour
Internal storage for optional second battery Yes
Optional 12V in-car battery charger Yes
Run time on battery 3 full tanks of water on a single charge (approximately half an hour)
Car 12V cable length 2.95m (10 feet)
Hose length 5.90m (20 feet)
Shoulder strap Yes
Water tank capacity 14 litres (3.5 gallons)
Unit weight when full one battery 22.7kg (50 lbs)
Unit weight when empty one battery 9.1kg (20 lbs)
Water tank weight when full 15.5kg (34 lbs)
Water tank weight when empty 2.3kg (5 lbs)
Max. Spraying distance 7.4m (25 feet)
Neck filter type Flexible washable filter
Safe to use on cars/humans/animals Yes
Safe to use with detergents No. Some detergents may not be compatible with internal parts
Dimensions in cm 44(L) x 27(W) x 44(H)
Dimensions in inches 18 (L) x 11(W) x 18(H)
Warranty 1 year

Meets US UL standard 1776 and British Standard 60335-1/2


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For a demonstration of the horse shower come and see us at Aske Horse Trials, Cumwhinton Horse Trials, Thornton Watlass Horse Trials & the BRC Eventing Championships at Aston-le-Walls.

Both the truck and the Nomad are orange so we are never hard to find!


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