Nomad Equine Diastema Washer

The Nomad is a fully portable pressure washer powered by a removable, rechargable 18v battery. It is the class leader in terms of build quality and reliability producing a working pressure of over 90psi. 

"Aside from my rasps, the Nomad is the one thing I would be lost without now. 
I couldn't be without it!" 
Mark Thorne, BAEDT, BEVA, BVDA.

EDN6webThe Nomad produces twice the force compared to the traditional hand pump unit, proving far more effective in removing debris.

The almost silent operation of the pump is ideal for use around young or nervous horses. 

No pressure fade
. The unit produces a constant pressure over 95% of the battery cycle. One battery will discharge 3 full tanks or 42 litres. 

Convenient 20ft hose length keeps the unit from cluttering the work area.

Professional appearance, high build quality a
nd the ability to replace the dental pick with the standard spray head to clean off equipment following treatment.

The Nomad Equine Diastema Washer is supplied with-
  • A high quality, stainless steel, dental pick and trigger.
  • Interchangable standard spray gun.
  • 20 foot hose
  • 18 volt rechargable battery
  • Mains charger.
  • 12 volt vehicle power lead.  
  • Removable water tank.

    The unit is available at £325.00 including VAT . Click here to order or call Iain at Friday Fox Ltd on 01254 701458.
  • We are also able to offer a discounted refurbishing service for people with an existing hand pump washer. Post us your pick and we refurbish the seals and build it up into the new unit allowing you to make a substantial saving.
Please call for further details

Full Technical Specifications
Colours Orange/Grey/Black or Green/Grey/Black
Adjustable spray gun
Dental pick
400mm in stainless steel
Wash pressure 6.2 Bar (90 PSI)
Flow Rate 2 litres a minute (0.5 gpm)
Battery Type 18 volt rechargeable Ni-Cad
Battery Life 1500 mAh
Charging time from supplied mains charger 1 hour
Internal storage for optional second battery Yes
Optional 12V in-car battery charger Yes
Cable for 12V car power outlet Yes
Run time on battery 3 full tanks of water on a single charge (approximately half an hour)
Run time on 12V car power outlet cable 6-8 hours without switching on the engine
Car 12V cable length 2.95m (10 feet)
Hose length 5.90m (20 feet)
Shoulder strap Yes
Water tank capacity 14 litres (3.5 gallons)
Unit weight when full one battery 22.7kg (50 lbs)
Unit weight when empty one battery 9.1kg (20 lbs)
Water tank weight when full 15.5kg (34 lbs)
Water tank weight when empty 2.3kg (5 lbs)
Max. Spraying distance 7.4m (25 feet)
Neck filter type Flexible washable filter
Safe to use on cars/humans/animals Yes
Safe to use with detergents No. Some detergents may not be compatible with internal parts
Dimensions in cm 44(L) x 27(W) x 44(H)
Dimensions in inches 18 (L) x 11(W) x 18(H)
Warranty 1 year

Meets US UL standard 1776 and British Standard 60335-1/2



Call 01254 701458 to order the Nomad Equine Diastema Washer


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